Bioscal® Scientific Research

1. More than 25 years of research

  • Conducted by Professor Kai Setälä, MD, and Dr. Ilona Schreck-Purola, MD, University of Helsinki, Finland
  • Additional clinical studies by numerous medical doctors and clinical researchers in several countries

2. Over 1,000 compounds tested - only 1 had superior effects on hair growth

Certain non-ionic surface-active agents cause a shift in the hair follicular cycle into the anagen (growth phase) and thus an enhancement of the hair growth.

3. Documented mode of action

The beneficial effect of Bioscal® on hair growth is caused by its ability to:
  1. Dissolve cholesterol and DHT (DiHydroTestosterone) in the cell wall of the hair follicles
  2. Change the relative proportions of naturally occurring steroids and steroid metabolites in the follicles
  3. Promote cell division and a shift from resting phase to growth (anagen) phase
  4. Stimulate growth of the hair follicle
Also, Bioscal® contains:
  1. Amino acids, which are important components of keratin, the basic building material of the hair;
  2. Vitamins that are essential for healthy hair growth; and
  3. Compounds that improve the peripheral blood flood and thus the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles.

4. First clinical trial (Finland)

  • 320 volunteers, aged between 20 and 65 years
  • 9 months average observation (representing 125 treatment-years)
  • Complete inhibition of excessive hair loss
  • Thicker and stronger hair strands
  • Distinct regeneration of hair growth in bald scalp areas occurred in more than 60% of the subjects
  • Eradication of scale formation on the scalp (dandruff)
  • No skin irritation, no allergies, no side effects

5. Collaborative dermatology study (France)

  • 70 dermatologists (MDs)
  • 451 healthy male subjects with male pattern alopecia and stage 1 to 5 baldness, average age of 33 years
  • 30 weeks treatment and observation of each individual test subject (representing 260 treatment-years)
  • According to the doctors, 94% had significantly improved hair growth, 89% according to the test subjects themselves
  • 99% did not experience any adverse effect

6. Androgen-genetic hair loss study (France)

  • 46 adult male subjects with androgen-genetic hair loss and stage 1 to 7 baldness
  • 10 months treatment and observations period
  • Clinically observed results obtained using trichogram
  • A significant increase in anagenes (hair follicles in growth phase) and a reduction in telogenes (hair follicles in resting phase) in all areas: crown, templates and back of head
  • A progressive decrease in the number of persons suffering from loss of hair from the second month onwards, coupled with considerable increase in hair growth from the sixth month onwards
  • A significant effect on the new growth of hair in 66% of the subjects
  • No signs of incompatibility; all test persons were able to carry out the treatment to its conclusion

7. Histoquantitative clinical study (Finland)

  • 167 test subjects between 18 and 43 years of age
  • 505 scalp biopsies taken from bald areas, border areas and areas with hair growth
  • 9 months treatment and observations period
  • The number of active hair follicles within the balding and bald areas increased in 85% of the subjects

8. Market research (Canada)

  • Conducted by York Enterprise Development Centre of York University in Toronto
  • Detailed questionnaire mailed to 1,500 Bioscal users
  • 70% stated that they were pleased with the performance of the treatment

9. Before and after photos (Canada)

Subject 1 Subject 2
Subject 1 Before Subject 1 After Subject 2 Before Subject 2 After
Before treatment After 9 months Before treatment After 9 months

10. Bioscal® and the hair exchange cycle

Step 1
1. Hair grows from 2 to 6 years, to be eventually pushed out to make room for new, growing hair

Step 2
2. Build up of various bodily substances and waste can clog or harden hair follicles, making it difficult to maintain a normal hair growth cycle

Step 3
3. As the build up continues, the hair growth cycle is interrupted, causing a weakening of the new hair growth, hair loss and baldness

Step 4
4. Bioscal® effectively removes build-up and restores the vitality of the hair follicle

Step 5
5. Bioscal® creates a healthy environment and provides essential nutrients for healthy, natural hair growth

Step 6
6. The normal, healthy hair exchange cycle is re-established by the Bioscal® hair treatment program

11. Conclusions

  • Bioscal® works
  • Bioscal® is safe and well tolerated
  • Bioscal® is cosmetically attractive

The most effective and best documented topical hair loss treatment worldwide