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Medically Developed and Clinically Proven Treatment for Thinning Hair

The world's leading and best researched non-pharmaceutical hair loss treatment.

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Get some of the best hair regrowth treatments and products for hair growth and thickness. If you're struggling with hair thinning, we have you covered with the effective hair thinning treatment. Our hair regrowth products are designed to provide essential nutrients to your hair, promoting healthy and strong growth.

Bioscal®- A formula that has been proven for the past 50 years!

Stop Hair Loss Effectively

  • Unique Formulas

    The unique hair loss formulas used in Bioscal® were developed and clinically tested at the University of Helsinki, Finland.

  • Made by Scientists

    Designed to improve the condition of hair, scalp and hair follicles, Bioscal® products provide the basis for healthy, natural hair growth and thus for effective, unsurpassed treatment and prevention of hair loss.

  • Hair & Scalp Therapy

    The original Bioscal® hair and scalp therapy program has been used to successfully treat hair loss, thinning hair and balding, and to stimulate hair regrowth, in 24 countries.

  • Effectiveness Recognition

    This wide reaching acceptance is the best testimony for the universal recognition of their effectiveness.

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Best Hair Regrowth Treatment

Customer Feedback

The left photo is when our 61-year-old client first starting Bioscal® treatment for her thinning hair. After 10 months, she has noticed a huge improvement with her hair as shown on the right photo.

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Best Products for Hair Growth and Thickness

The Research

No other non-pharmaceutical hair loss treatment has been as thoroughly researched as Bioscal®. The clinical proof is unambiguous.

Numerous clinical trials in several countries, involving both men and women, leave no doubt that Bioscal® effectively stops hair loss and generates healthy new hair growth.

The Original Bioscal® brand is your best guarantee that you get the hair growth therapy that you pay for, and should not be confused with certain crude imitations claiming bogusly to originate from the University of Helsinki. Please be warned that Bioscal® are not associated in any way with such imitators.

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  • Product Summary

    Scientifically developed

    Medically tested

    Clinically proven

    Safe and well tolerated


    Priced right

    A uniquely effective, proven hair loss and regrowth treatment

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  • Availability

    Original Bioscal® is available in professional hair salons.

    It is also available online if your hair stylist does not carry it at the moment.

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