Frequently Asked Questions

I have only recently started losing hair. Can you tell me what is causing this?

There are many different types of hair loss and the causes differ. If you check the Hair Basics section (see link above) you will probably be able to identify the type of hair loss from the descriptions. In some instances the causes are related to a medical condition and you should see a doctor if you are unsure of the type of hair loss that is affecting you.

How effective is Bioscal®?

Assuming that the condition is not a medical one caused by disease, drugs etc., its effectiveness depends upon the general condition of your scalp and hair. Individual results may vary. It is a long term treatment of several months, but the first results should manifest themselves within a few weeks. Remember that hair growth is a very slow process and that the objective is not to speed up the hair growth cycle. In fact, no products can make your hair grow faster. The main objective of quality hair and scalp therapy is to create optimal conditions for natural, healthy hair growth.

Even if the cause of your hair loss is a disease or other specific conditions, once the medical cause has been addressed, a healthy scalp is a precondition for healthy hair growth and Bioscal® will aid the re-growth process.

Does Bioscal® have any harmful side effects?

No. Bioscal® has been exhaustively tested and used by many thousands of people with no side effects whatsoever.

How much of each of the products in the Bioscal® range do I need?

If you use the Bioscal® products regularly, each bottle will on average last for about two months, the Revitalizer for about 5 months. However, the frequency of use and the amount used each time will affect the longevity of each bottle.

What is the minimum time for the products to penetrate before the scalp is rinsed or washed?

Two hours is the minimum. Four hours or overnight is better. These products are designed to penetrate the tissue in the hair follicle in order to remove build-up and to stimulate the nervous and circulatory systems. This process takes time.

Is the application procedure difficult?

The Bioscal® Revitalizer is supplied as a pump spray for easy and even distribution. The other products are to be used as usual. Each bottle comes with instructions, either printed on the bottle or as package insert. You may also see the detailed product descriptions on this website for further information.

I have started using Bioscal® but continue to lose hair?

The hair growth cycle (see Hair Basics) results in continuous hair loss as old hairs die and new hairs push them out. Bioscal® aids this process and will will gradually improve both the quantity and quality of new hair growth with the result that old, dead hair strands are pushed out. This will normalize after a few weeks of continuous use.

How long should I go on using Bioscal®?

Use Bioscal® daily over a period of several months until you are satisfied with the condition of your scalp and hair. Continue to use the Revitalizer, Shampoo and Conditioner in your regular hair care program.

What if Bioscal® does not work for me?

Bioscal® has been thoroughly researched and tested. The results form this treatment are well documented and indeed is very impressive. However, as is the case with all products, whether they are pharmaceutical, herbal, cosmetic or other, a minority of users may experience a lower degree of benefits. The reasons may be improper application, stress, a medical problem or that the hair loss condition has already progressed too far to be reversible. In that case we recommend that you seek advice from a medical practitioner.

How is Bioscal® different from other products that claim to help hair loss?

Bioscal® is undoubtedly the most researched and best documented non-pharmaceutical hair loss and regrowth treatment. In fact, many of the alternatives out there have never undergone proper scientific testing and have nothing but anecdotal evidence for their often exaggerated claims.

In the cases of Propecia (finasteride) and Rogaine (minoxidil), these are pharmaceuticals that have proved to be of benefit in many situations. However, they have strict conditions of use and some potentially severe side effects. Among other things it may be important to note that Propecia should not be used by women, while Rogain seem to be more effective in women than in men.

The extensive research that has been conducted on Bioscal® indicates that the results are at least as good as for Propecia and much better than Rogain. In addition, Bioscal® offers a safe and effective alternative to drug treatments and works by restoring the health of the scalp and hair. It was developed by medical doctors and proven both clinically and through market tests.

There have been several attempts to imitate Bioscal®, but none of them are the real thing containing the key ingredients that give Bioscal® its efficacy. Some other products claim to work in similar ways but we are not in a position to comment on their claims. In general, we recommend that you check the quality and results of the clinical and market tests they have conducted.

I saw a hair loss treatment being praised on TV by a famous star. What can you say about it?

Widely advertised products, especially those having celebrities endorse them on TV, can be tempting if you are looking for a quick fix. However, very few, if any at all, have scientific evidence to support their claims.

Often it seems as if the money spent on advertising is the diametrical opposite of what has been spent on research: Maybe the big advertising budgets are there to compensate for the lack of scientific proof?

What is often forgotten when we see celebrities talking up products on TV, is that they, without exception, are paid big money to do so.

Therefore, when push comes to show, it’s your choice: To buy a product that has been thoroughly tested and proven – or a product which’s only claim comes with the handsomely paid voice of a celebrity.

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