Itchy Scalp Treatment Products

Itchy Scalp: Causes and Itchy Scalp Treatment Products

A lot of people suffer from itchy scalps these days. People from all age groups are facing this problem. This problem may be very severe or mild depending upon the issues faced by the person. If you are struggling with an itchy scalp, you can find a solution with itchy scalp treatment products at Bioscal®. We provide a range of products that can help combat these issues and help you get a healthier scalp and beautiful hair. Bioscal® hair treatment products will decrease the itching in your scalp and help you get a good night’s sleep!

But what causes an itchy scalp? We have listed a few reasons behind it.

Itchy scalp treatment products


One of the most common causes of an itchy scalp is dandruff. Because of this, there are flakes on the scalp. This can be because of fungal infection. At this time, itchy scalp treatment products can surely help. Try Bioscal® Hair Energy Concentrate with any of our deep cleansing Bioscal® shampoos or Revitalizer and experience the difference.

Allergic Reactions

A lot of people experience an itchy scalp when they have an allergic reaction to a product. For instance, you may have used a hair colour that may have caused an allergic reaction on your scalp.

Hormonal Changes

A lot of times, we experience hormonal changes because of pregnancy, menopause, and other such things. During such time, an itchy scalp can occur. So, one should rely on the right products to get relief from such issues. Try Bioscal® Hair and Scalp Therapy Kit to stop the shedding of your hair and get regrowth of hair. This is not a quick process due to the life cycle of hair growth. The shedding of hair stops first. Most people will experience new hair growth between 4-6 months. Read more under Research.


One of the reasons why you can experience an itchy scalp is stress. Stress can have various effects on your body, including itching and irritation on the scalp. So, you can use the right products to get relief from an itchy scalp.

Poor Nutrition

When you do not have a well-balanced diet, there can be nutritional deficiencies in your body. This can also cause an itchy scalp. You can get the right treatment for finding relief from itchy scalp issues.

Itchy scalp treatment products

Medical Conditions

Several medical conditions can also cause an itchy scalp. People with thyroid problems can experience an itchy scalp. Once you have identified the cause of your itchy scalp, you can treat it with the help of the right itchy scalp treatment products.

We at Bioscal® offer the best products for the same. You can surely find a solution for itchy scalp when you get the itchy scalp treatment products offered by us.

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