Postpartum Hair Loss

Best Products for Postpartum Hair Loss in New Mothers

Have you given birth to a baby recently? If so, you might be ecstatic to have your baby in your arms and do all the lovely things for them to keep them healthy and safe. While it can be all-consuming to be a new mother, it can take a toll on your health too. One of the issues several new mothers suffer from is postpartum hair loss. Despite using the best products for postpartum hair loss, new mothers keep shedding more hair than they want.

Best Products for Postpartum Hair Loss

But why does postpartum hair loss happen? And what can you do to prevent losing more hair?

Postpartum Hair Loss: What is it?

On any normal day, most people lose 100 hair strands each day. Now during pregnancy, you don’t see too much hair fall because your pregnancy hormones keep your mane lush and shiny. However, once you have given birth, your estrogen levels will start decreasing resulting in postpartum hair loss. Now, don’t worry! Postpartum hair loss is temporary and as your estrogen levels get normal, hair loss will reduce, bringing your lush hair back.

What can you do to prevent postpartum hair loss?

Apart from using the best products for postpartum hair loss, here’s what you can do to reduce hair loss after pregnancy.

  • Use the Right Accessories

During the postpartum period, make sure to use the right accessories for your hair. For example, instead of using elastic bands, use barrettes or scrunchies to tie your hair. And don’t tie your hair in ponytails.

  • Take Your Supplements

It is important to take your supplements along with eating nutritious food. You might be taking prenatal supplements; it would be great to continue taking them.

  • Use the Right Products

As mentioned above, it is important to use the best products for postpartum hair loss. For example, use shampoos and conditioners which contain few ingredients and are pH balanced for the scalp. Use products that are gentle on your scalp and hair strands.

Best Products for Postpartum Hair Loss
  • Don’t Use Heat

You might already know that heat can damage your hair. Now, when you are undergoing postpartum hair loss, heat can cause even more damage than anticipated. Hence, avoid using straighteners, curlers, or any other heating products. Even if you want to use heat on your hair, make sure to use heat protectants from the range of best products for postpartum hair loss.

The postpartum period can be happy as well as stressful for any new mother. And during this chaos, you mustn’t think about your hair at the least. We at Bioscal® have developed a complete range of the best products for postpartum hair loss. Our products are made using deionized water and pH balanced for the scalp. This means that Bioscal® products are gentle on the scalp and leaves your hair frizz free, no more fly away hair!

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