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Do you want to stop losing hair and be frizz free at the same time?  Use Bioscal Hair Shampoo and Bioscal Conditioner and experience the feeling of a clean scalp.

Bioscal Hair Shampoos were designed to clean the scalp and keep it healthy.  Bioscal Shampoos and Conditioners are pH balanced to be very gentle on the scalp and provide a deep cleaning of the pores.  In addition, our products are made with de-ionized water, which helps to combat frizzy hair.

Try it today and tell us about your experience.

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After a difficult year of illness, I started losing my hair. I used Bioscal for 1 year and my hair has completely stopped shedding and I’ve regained my previous hair loss. I fully endorse this product and can’t believe the results that I have had. Thank you Bioscal!


I am a hair stylist and trainer for over 40 years now ,I started with Bioscal in 1978, a sister salon and I did test studies on Bioscal for a year . The product is great , I have help so many of our client with there hair loss problems . Hair loss can be caused by many things : example , medication is a big one : hormone changes: male pattern baldness and also male hormones which cause hair loss. I have clients that have used Bioscal for over 30 years now and love the shampoo and revitalizer ,and they will not switch. You have to give Bioscal time to work for you , you did not get your problem over night , and it will not be cured overnight, I have seen promising results in three months ( which is 1 bottle of the shampoo) I love the product for scalp problems and hair loss and will never use anything else for my clients ,because they deserve the best.

Carolyn Anderson

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