Meet your crew of experts!

Shirley Weir - Keynote Speaker

Shirley Weir

Shirley is the founder of Menopause Chicks and she’s on a mission to ensure everyone has accurate information to navigate  perimenopause to postmenopause with confidence & ease! She is a 3- time author, loves to teach women how our hormones work, AND how to invest in our long term health. And she is a major influencer in the menopause space, and a passionate women’s health advocate for all things-especially vuvla & vaginal health!


Jacquie Court – She2.0

Jacquie Court

Jacquie is the founder of She2.0 and host of the She2.0 Podcast. She creates content and community to help guide women through perimenopause and beyond. Through her podcast series and platforms, she connects experts with her audience to help educate, inform, and show women all the options available to them because she wants the world to know that menopause doesn’t have to suck.

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