Shampoo for Flaky Scalp

3 Things to Look for While Buying Shampoo for Flaky Scalp

Do you need shampoo for flaky scalp? Do you find yourself scratching your scalp more than you would want to? Are white flakes visible on your clothes, especially when you wear black? If so, you might have dandruff in your hair. Dandruff is a common issue people struggle with. It is caused due to several reasons, such as taking hot showers, the presence of Malassezia fungus on your scalp, washing your hair too much, and using too many products such as mousse or gels.

Shampoo For Flaky Scalp

To combat dandruff, choosing the right shampoo for flaky scalp is important. We at Bioscal® have a wide range of shampoo and conditioners exclusively meant for a flaky scalp.

Apart from choosing products from our range, here are a few things to keep in mind while buying your next shampoo bottle.

Look at the Ingredients

When you are choosing a shampoo for flaky scalp, you must look at the ingredients. Your anti-dandruff shampoo must contain anti-fungal and keratolytic agents. Anti-fungal agents such as Octopirox or Zinc Pyrithione will help you remove the Malassezia fungus, whereas keratolytic agents such as salicylic acid will help you break down the dry skin clumps.

A Shampoo that Washes Off Easily from the Hair

When you are choosing a shampoo for flaky scalp, choose an option that washes off easily from the hair. The shampoo must not only clean your scalp thoroughly but also shouldn’t stick to your hair after washing. Bioscal® shampoo for the flaky scalp rinses completely while it cleans the scalp effectively.

Choose a Shampoo that Suits Your Hair Type

Everyone has a different hair type. If you have oily hair, choose a shampoo for oily hair. Similarly, if you have itchy, flaky scalp, choose a shampoo for flaky scalp such as the Bioscal® Special Shampoo for Problem Scalp. When choosing an anti-dandruff shampoo, you must ensure it will leave your scalp hydrated while removing all the white flakes.

Shampoo For Flaky Scalp

Bottom Line

A dry, itchy scalp can be difficult to manage. It can cause embarrassing situations for you since white flakes are visible on your clothes. Therefore, you must be careful while choosing shampoo and other hair products.

At Bioscal®, we have developed a complete range of hair care products meant for different types of hair such as oily hair, flaky hair, and more. So, if you are looking for a shampoo for flaky scalp or a conditioner for an oily and flaky scalp, make sure to check out our range of products now.

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